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Colored Ornamental Brick Finish
Our colored ornamental brick columns are available in many colors and finishes. Below are our stock color choices. There are also many custom color choices to choose from. We use high quality materials and natural dyes which help to resist fading from sun exposure. In addition to color choices, we also offer finish choices in light to heavy textures and whipped effects that help to make the brick look aged or distressed.
Sample 2 B
Bright Red w/ Rust, Chocolate Brown, and Dark Buff Castings
Sample 3 B
Terra Cotta w/ Chocolate Brown, Autumn Brown & Dark Buff Castings
Sample 4 A 
Jet Black w/ Black & Gray Castings Dusted Gray
Sample 13 B  
Autumn Brown w/ Dark Red, Autumn Brown & Dark Buff Castings
Sample 15 A 
Bright Red with Gray Mud Joints No Castings
Sample 16 A 
Mesa Buff w/ Autumn Brown, Mahogany, & White Castings
Sample 17 A 
White with Gray Mud Joints
Sample 19 A 
Autumn Brown w/ Chocolate Brown & Dark Buff Castings
Sample 20 A 
Chocolate Brown with Mesa Buff Castings
Sample 21 A 
White with White Joints
Sample 22 A 
Bright Red w/ Autumn Brown & Chocolate Brown Castings