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Stucco Textured Columns
Textured Columns: Our textured columns are a simple way to add a little pizzazz to your driveway or the entrance to your home. Textured columns are constructed using the three-coat plastering system involving a scratch coat, lay-on coat, and finally the texture. We offer several choices of textures and in general can match the existing finish of your home.
Textured Columns will be delivered in their natural
state of finish and will
require painting,
of your choice, to be complete
Sideways Lace
Spanish Lace Heavy
Wet Texture
Above are a few of the textured samples we have to offer. The Sideways lace texture is a standard texture and is commonly used on most of the homes in our area, The Spanish Lace texture can be applied heavy or light and is chosen for its bold, old world effect. The wet texture is a soft and subtle texture that lends a Mediterranean appeal.

Banding Pads: Banding Pads are used as a base to mount lights or nameplates on the sides of the columns. They are square or rectangle "pads" and can be cut to any size your light fixtures or name plate requires them to be.